Within-facility transport monitoring

Pneumatic transport systems are the largest pieces of equipment that a hospital owns, but they are not quality controlled. Our technology allows users to measure what specimens experience as they move quickly between points A and B.

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Monitor what your samples experience

Specimen transport is a black box. The VitalVial™ provides process-based quality indicators of transport conditions.

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PTS System transport diagram

Identify issues and intervene

Pre-analytical transport should be fast and efficient, yet not introduce test result inaccuracy or systematic bias after the specimen is collected but before a test is performed. By pairing clinical chemistry results with VitalTag monitoring, our users have quickly corrected problematic transport systems or lines.


Perform continuous and standardized quality control

Demonstrate to physicians, nurses and regulators that you have a quantitative pre-analytical monitoring system in place, consistent with gold-standard QC reports. Have confidence in your results with our comprehensive analytics and clinically validated procedures¹.

¹ Gils et al. Submitted. Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

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